48 Hours In A New Place, 2015

Dual channel projection, sound, 4 minutes

"Wild recently travelled to New York, and decided to use this construct to speak about the feeling of wonder and excitement when experiencing a new environment, thus his work in Blaze, 48 Hours In A New Place was born. Using 'cut-out' techniques, Wild creates blocky collages of places visited and things he's seen, a pastiche of ephemeral images scrolling across the screen like a visual representation of Musique concrete, or the digital naive. Accompanying the video elements are field recordings made on location, which Wild has responded to with modular synthesiser sound. By crafting each element of this work to run at a different duration, Wild allows time, sound, and visual memory to be uniquely experienced in his constructed environment, creating a unique experience for each viewer."
Alexander Boynes - Canberra Contemporary Artspace. Blaze 9 catalogue