Domestic Meditation, 2013

Audio/video installation, lathe cut record (edition of 10), exciter speakers, household items, foam peanuts, durational performance (2 hours)

Domestic Meditation is a sonic installation and performance that uses video, sound and installation elements together to create an immersive environment and durational performance. The performance encourages the viewer to engage in a spiritual intervention of domesticity. A serene yet absurd space is pieced together using found objects from a suburban home. These objects are obsessively cleaned and rearranged by the artist throughout the performance.

Inspired by the false hope of consumerism and the aim of meditation tapes, Domestic Meditation turns mass produced, domestic items into objects of contemplation and confusion. The objects used are regularly found in the household; cleaning paraphernalia, water features, lounge room settings and turntables. These objects playfully occupy the space as if they have been dissected from a household. Domestic Meditation is narrated by an ominous presence amplified from a lathe cut vinyl sound piece (Domestic Meditation) through the objects within the space using exciter speakers. Focusing on the formal and acoustic qualities of these objects rather than their original function. Domestic Meditation uses mindfulness at its core to emphasise the spiritual and meditative nature of repetitive domestic tasks.