All Falls Into Place, 2014
sound - collaboration with Grace Blake

'All Falls Into Place' is an immersive installation featuring the collaborative efforts of Grace Blake and Danny Wild in response to motion, uncertainty and physics.

Form is examined and deconstructed across digital prints, video collage, installation and sound. Using new digital technologies such as 3D modelling software, 'All Falls Into Place' explores the artistic potential of simulated physics.

This technology has been developed primarily for CGI graphics and gaming. Grace Blake subverts the use of this technology to allow for exploration of hyper real computer graphics and consumer aesthetics. Through headphones, Danny Wild immerses the viewer further into the space via a constructed soundscape with field recordings and synthesised electronics. The sonic elements of Wild's work function as cryptic components of the same form depicted in Blake's work.

Improvised performance as part of opening event

Edition of 10 cassette. Covers created using fragments of Graces prints.