The Film Remains The Same, 2014

improvised sound performance - collaboration with Louise Curham

Difficult film and difficult music

An evening of one film, played three times with performances by three different bands.

Have you noticed that when you watch a film over, the way you experience it is never the same twice? This evening explores what happens when you see the same living painting three times with different musicians.

Curham's films are made for improvising musicians - the opposite of story films, these are living paintings. Featuring abstract image that's cracked, heavily inked, bleached, deteriorated in every way possible, they are a wash of colour and texture. Fleeting photographic image appears in the odd handprocessed frame. This is bare bones cinema in extremis where narrative is a strange old firebird that won't be killed off even by crazy sounds and every visual attempt to obliterate it.

Artists Involved
Louise Curham
Richard Johnson
Shoeb Ahmad
Danny Wild