Moving Through Me, 2013

interactive installation, depth sensor, 3D animation, multi-channel sound

As I traverse the Belconnen mall with my family on a Sunday morning, time seems to float away and space distorts around me. An overwhelming feeling of dissociation surrounds me. Moving Through Me is an immersive and interactive installation that encompasses virtual reality, multi-channel sound and hacked depth sensor technology. Inspired by Jean Baudrillards notions of the hyper real, where the original is lost to a world of copies. Moving Through Me looks at the Belconnen shopping mall, my local shopping mall, as an area of cultural investigation. Through my installation I aim to explore the phenomenon of disassociation within the modern shopping mall. Bringing forth the increasingly blurred lines between the virtual and the real. Moving Through Me acts as a deconstructed and removed version of the mall experience. The passing voices, the completely artificial environment, and the seemingly endless paths of consumerism.

A 3-dimensional depiction of the Belconnen Mall has been created using photographs taken inside the mall using an iPhone. The viewer traverses this virtual environment through the use of a hacked video game sensor that tracks the viewer's movements. The viewer moves through the virtual environment on screen whilst walking through the physical space. Field recordings and typical mall dialogue surround the viewer as they traverse the space within a space. Multiple speakers are located above and around the viewer, giving the sonic elements an ominous presence within the environment where the imagery otherwise removes it. Through its 3d imagery and interactive nature, Moving Through Me also critiques video game culture. Though unlike a video game, the work is removed from any objective. All of these commonly found elements from within the mall are displaced and re-appropriated to create the disassociated experience that I am investigating.